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Tiffany, Operations Manager Angela, CEO/Founder

SexSwing.com is based in Florida with our primary shipping warehouse being located in Northern Michigan. Our staff has years of experience in testing swings, creating sex swing reviews and writing content about sex swings and sex swing installation. We are dedicated to making your life better through the joys of swinging.

First created in 2010 under the name SexSwing.info, we upgraded to SexSwing.com to better show our position as the leader in the swing market. Unlike other websites that talk about sex swings, we actually own, test and use all of these swings. We created and maintain our updated list of the best sex swings available. We have a deep understanding of what makes swings comfortable or versatile.  And after years in the business, we have encountered just about everything. Your trust in our company is our highest priority. 

Now SexSwing.com is the internet’s most complete resource for sex swings including the widest selection, tutorials, tips, trick, positions guides, reviews and more.

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John Br****
Works great and timely delivery
Easy to setup, easy to use, great addition to our toy collection. 😈
This swing is awesome! Both my husband and I have a variety of challenges due to joint replacement, back surgeries, and other health issues. This swing makes it so that these issues don't exist. We are able to have sex like we did in our 20's. The delivery was fast and ordering was easy. This product is worth every penny.
Would definitely recommend this to anyone willing to try new things. Well worth the investment into creating a long term option for my sex life.
My wife and I are both plus size people, and dipping our toes into a little more adventure. We have had our Stand and swing just over a week and it provides extended sessions with lots of fun positions new positions with deeper penetration. My wife and I have had lots of fun this past week with our new purchase. Looking forward to trying much more!
Scott Win****
There are not enough good things we can say about our new Screamer swing and stand. It was easy to set up - it was really easy to use - and it allowed us to last longer because we weren't getting all winded and out of breath. First time use, my wife had 4 orgasms. FOUR! I guess I was just hitting her G spot the right way that she's never experienced before in the bed. Amazing product - Highest recommendation!
Did a fair amount of research and ended up buying the screamer dual hook. Wife thought I was going crazy to buy such a thing. Once we got it, we both absolutely love it. The quality is superb. The customer service has also been great. Liked it so much, we bought several accessories to try other positions that you can’t do with the dual hook. If your stuck in a dilemma of spending this kind of money on a sex toy, do yourself and your partner a favor and just buy it. Thank you to Tiffany and whoever else is involved for adding a whole new level to our sex life. Fabulous.
This is way way way better than I expected. Very sturdy and can add on for extra too. Had it for like 2 weeks but I haven’t been home just put it together. Ooohhh weee I now see the future lol. Signing off * Break it down on what I Love* Psychics You know if you know PS: I got more to order Sexswing gave me the link Now I got the chain. Plus I was just happy I actually spoke to the woman on YouTube video Not a rep from who knows where And tell me 7 to 10 business days or whenever then hang up. sorry Mrs Lady from sexswing can’t remember your name Too busy haha But thanks for the boost