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SexSwing.com is based in Florida with our primary shipping warehouse being located in Northern Michigan. Our staff has years of experience in testing swings, creating sex swing reviews and writing content about sex swings and sex swing installation. We are dedicated to making your life better through the joys of swinging.

First created in 2010 under the name SexSwing.info, we upgraded to SexSwing.com to better show our position as the leader in the swing market. Unlike other websites that talk about sex swings, we actually own, test and use all of these swings. We created and maintain our updated list of the best sex swings available. We have a deep understanding of what makes swings comfortable or versatile.  And after years in the business, we have encountered just about everything. Your trust in our company is our highest priority. 

Now SexSwing.com is the internet’s most complete resource for sex swings including the widest selection, tutorials, tips, trick, positions guides, reviews and more.

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My wife and I got the Screamer Bondage Swing and squat kit and absolutely love it! Can't believe we waited this long to get one. Would recommend 10/10. Also, sexswing.com had tons of great info!
Sex so good that it rendered my wife's birth control useless 😂
Love it works awesome
John Eber****
Swing and frame are freakin awesome! We are both huge fans. Just what we needed to spice things back up.
When my wife mentioned she would like to spice up our sex life by adding a sex swing, I initially didn't know where to begin looking. A quick google search brought me to sexswing.com where I found great informational videos explaining the types of swings and slings and pros and cons of each. After narrowing it down to a few choices, I sat down with my wife and showed here the pros and cons of each. We decided the Screamer Dual Hook would be the best option for us. We didn't forsee using the 360 feature of single hook swings and I knew her comfort in the swing was going to be crucial for her desire to use the swing regularly. Sexswing.com had the best price for the Screamer Dual Hook, especially considering it came with the head rest included for free (every other vendor sold it separately). We also ordered the squatting attachments. After applying a coupon code, I was pleased with the total price. The swing and accessories arrived quickly (and discretely) considering I used the standard shipping option. I'm relatively handy, so installed a beefy 4x4 wooden header to the floor joists in the finished basement near the exercise equipment (a pull up bar attachment is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there are two eye bolts in the celing). I adjusted the straps to where I assumed they'd need to be for the first time use and weight tested the system. That evening, we spent a few minutes fine tuning the straps, stirrups, handles, and head rest to reach the perfect positioning for a pair of first time users. My wife was extremely surprised at how comfortable and supportive it was, considering there were only two straps supporing her. She even joked once we were finished that she was just going to sleep in the swing for the night. It takes a little while to get used to using it. Once we got past that learning curve, it was so much fun and very pleasurable for both of us. We can't wait to try more fun and exciting positions in our new sex swing. Overall, we're very pleased with our purchase from sexswing.com. From the initial educational videos, variety of products available, extremely competitive pricing, free extras included in the purchase, fast shipping, and online instructions for multiple mounting options, we couldn't be more happy with this purchase.
Brooks Qui****
Absolutly amazing. This made sex easy and fun, all the "parts" line up effortlessly and penitration is amazing. The swing is well made and comfortable. As a side note, if you want to hide your hooks, I highly recommend going to Etsy and searching "Sex Swing Hook Cover" for an easy way to hide the hooks.
We bought the Screamer sex swing a while ago but were reluctant to mount it through our ceiling (stick-built truss construction). So we bought the sex-swing stand and set it up last night. We benefitted from watching the very helpful videos before we tried to set it up. Highly recommended. The stand was then remarkably easy to assemble, very high quality, and proved completely stable. The swing was easy to use, comfortable beyond expectation, and amazing fun. After our first use, my wife and I could only ask, "Why didn't we buy this years ago?" We're not as young as we once were and this proved stress-free and put a spark into our love life. We are looking forward to playing with the many different positions that are available with the basic straps (available on the website) but also the squatting attachment and the many attachment points that it provides. The swing and stand do not disappoint. Bravo to this great product.
Easy to work with. Great Product. I converted the double chain to single hook with a Lat pull down bar from amazon. It is now adjustable up to 38" wide.