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Womanizer Premium




Ok people, I am late to the game on this toy… WHY!! Knowing the years I have gone without nearly makes me want to cry. If there is an accessory toy you MUST have it is the Womanizer Premium. I first started with the Womanizer Starlet and I thought this was the bomb-digity, however, it kept stopping on me. The Starlet has an overheating turn-off. I mean that is brilliant, but I was overheating it every 10 minutes. Not ideal. But the feeling was off the hook. So, the husband bought me the next level up- lets level up this game!!! And so welcome the Womanizer Premium- here it goes… OH MY FUCKING GOD…. People, this needs to be in your world, daily.

If I could explain the feeling it is would be a massage, sucking, bliss.

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white womanizer premium + sex swing squatting attachments + + Screamer 2 hook swing
Price for all: £372.30

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This is a sex swing site, but sometimes having a few extra essential toys around for playtime is good, so we take the extra step and list the absolute favourite toys of our employees. When it comes to toys, the Womanizer is the talk of the shop. This toy is perfect to be used in a swing or in a bed. It can be used alone or with a partner. It can be used when you are happy and when you are sad. No matter what your mood, the womanizer will be there for you.

There is no way to do this toy justice in a text format, so I am just going to hand this off to our customer support representatives and let them tell you how they think this thing is.

Angela A.

The womanizer is by far my go-to and dare I say my-only toy. Being in the adult industry I have had my fair share of products but nothing even comes close. The womanizer offers vibration as well as light suction for the clitoris. I don’t know who they do it, honestly- it is pure magic. My favorite way to use the womanizer is with penetration. The Premium Womanizer, the one I would recommend, is a tad bulky to use during sex, but it is completely possible. Here are a few of my favorite tricks. When having sex in a spooning postion you can us the womanizer easily. It doesn’t interfere with the man at all. Because this is a clitoral stimulator, it stays “up front” and leaves you plenty of room.  I do really enjoy getting on my partner and using the womanizer as I ride him. This can be a bit more cumbersome, as the toy will be resting on his pelvis, my partner doesn’t seem to mind at all. This leads to the most amazing orgasims. The other way I love the womanizer is when I am spread eagle on the sex swing and my partner has full access to me and penetration is easy as well is the access to my clit.

The Womanizer offers me multiple, long lasting, intense orgasms. I don’t typically orgasm multiple times, but with the womanizer it is waves over waves of perfect pleasure. Any of my future invites to a wedding are getting a dual hook sex swing and a womanizer. It is literally the perfect combo ever. 

Tiffany K.

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