How to Adjust the Screamer Sex Swing

Sex swings in general are pretty easy to understand and use, but there are a few cool things you can do with the Screamer dual hook to get an extra little bit of fun and comfort out of it. This is what makes the Screamer find its way to the top of our best sex swing list.

Do not adjust when in use!

This goes for all sex swings, but I think it is important to mention as often as possible. Adjusting a sex swing with lots of tension on it will put a lot of unnecessary load on the straps and hardware not to mention some of them will adjust very fast and can be quite scary. I recommend getting out of the it when you need to adjust it and at the minimum take all your weight off the strap that you want to adjust. Read more about swing safety.

Is the headrest long enough?

Sometimes customers ask about the length of the adjusters on the headrest, are they long enough? Depending on how you installed the headrest you may find it is short. However, it is easy to fix. 

All you need to do to correct this situation is to add in more length of chain at the top of your swing. If the point at the bottom of the chain where the straps attach is lower to the floor, you will be able to shorten the main straps and the headrest will be longer relative to the main straps.

Normally this solution will only work with the dual hook because single hook will have a crossbar and if that is lowered too much, someone will hit their head on it.

Easy adjusting sex swing straps

One of the best features of the screamer sex swings is that you can move the straps and this helps you get more positions. There is no rule that says the stirrups or handles need to attach at the same points as the main straps. So for example, if you like deep penetration, you can move the stirrup straps up higher on the chain or even to your mounting points. This will make your legs very high over your head and allow for much deeper penetration. Read more about G-spot and deep penetration.