Spinning Swing Guide & Reviews

Spinning sex swings can be a lot of fun for the truly adventurous couples! They have all the same features as their matching single hook swings with the addition of a swivel.

Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing in Black

Pleasure Swing


Great Padding & Great for spinning

Twist Swing


Great Padding & Great for spinning

Spinning Swing Illustration

360 Sex Swing


Spinning Sex Swing

Popular Spinning Swings

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of them on the market. The Screamer Twist, The Fetish Spinning and the Trinity 360. Other then that, they don’t spin.

So maybe you want something that is not on this list, or you bought another one, and now you wished you had gone with a spinner. Well, the great news is, you can add a swivel hook to any single hook and allow it to spin.

So for this, we created the Whipsmart kit with a swivel hook. The Whipsmart makes a good spinning swing because the bar at the top is only 35 cm (14 inches) wide. Being narrow like this, when you spin the swing, the bar will not whack you in the head. On the other hand, being this narrow makes it much narrower and that can put more pressure on your hips. So this is a better option if you are very thin.

The Screamer Twist is the opposite end of the spectrum. It is 81 cm (32 inches) wide which makes it very comfortable on the hips, but it is wide, so if you spin the swing, you need to watch out for the bar.

So everything has it’s pluses and minuses. If none of these options are what you are looking for, you can take any single hook swing and add a swivel hook to make it a spinner.

swivel hook makes any swing a spinner

Now it is important to mention that you can not add two swivel hooks to a dual hook swing. If you do so, it will not spin. I know, I am blonde, and I would have done this myself, but it will not work. We find these orders all the time in shipping where people order a dual hook and two swivels. It will not work. Just think about it for a minute. Now you get it?

Here are some of my videos about swivel hooks.